All the World's a Stage
by Maggie Allsopp

Produced & Directed by Maggie Allsopp

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Wayne and Tracey have left it to the last minute to complete their Drama coursework. They have to find out about 2000 years of drama history by tomorrow morning, or Miss Davies will not be amused.

Is there anyone who can help them? Surprisingly, yes there is. Calliope, the Muse of Drama takes our two young thespians through a history of drama at break neck speed!


Cast List

Calliope : Amy Smith
Wayne : Charlie Graupner
Tracey : Heather Nicholls
Dionysus/Tony Lumpkin : Ross Brown
Xanthias/Puck : James Bennett
Charon/Mr Hardcastle : Grant McCotter
Narrator/Snout : Lauren Moran
Bottom/Hastings/Jack : Brent Morgan
Quince/Narrator : Hannah Simmonds
Starveling/Lady Bracknell : Katie Mullins
Snug/Gewndolyn : Kayleigh Rose
Flute/Narrator : Rhian Arnold
Titania/Narrator : Bryony Ward
Narrator/Mrs Hardcastle : Nina Beck

Backstage team

Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Lights : Ray Bulmer
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Prompt/Direction Assistant : Mel Fox
Properties : Maggie Allsopp/Mel Fox

Production dates

Avon Festival (Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury) : Saturday 25th February

Wiltshire Festival (Arts Centre, Swindon) : Thursday 23rd February

Maggie collecting the Best Youth Performance award


Amy collecting her "Denning Award for Youth Encouragement"


Ross collecting his "West Town Theatre Youth Award"