A Life Sentence
by Mark Seaman

Produced & Directed by Mark Seaman

This one act play, depicts the emotional challenges facing a couple touched by dementia.

The characters are a middle aged couple (mid-late 50's) Dave and Anne Bailey. Dave is a former police officer now resident in a local nursing home following a number of strokes and the onset of dementia. Anne is his wife struggling to come to terms with losing her husband through his progressive illness.

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A Life Sentence Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew preparing to hit the Isle of Man

Cast List

Dave Bailey : Steve Crump
Anne Bailey : Siân Butler

Backstage team

Stage Manager : Stephen Bashford
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Prompt/Direction Assistant : Annette Crump
Properties : Sandra Seaman

Production dates

Avon Festival (Playhouse Theatre, Backwell) : February 24th

Gloucestershire Festival (Playhouse Theatre, Cheltenham) : March 8th

Wiltshire Festival (Arts Centre, Swindon) : February 14th

35th British All Winners Festival (Gaiety Theatre, Isle of Man) : July 21st





Isle of Man: