Bring me a Dream
by Ross Brown, Julian Hinton & the Cast

A piece of improvised theatre

Produced & Directed by Ross Brown & Julian Hinton

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During a sleepover a group of teenagers’ reality becomes intertwined with the dream world. Will the next day start the same way as the last, or will they find themselves lost forever? ‘Bring Me A Dream’ combines dramatic skills and theatrical styles studied by the SPYS including Bouffon, Physical Theatre, Theatre of Cruelty and Laban Movement Analysis. The piece has been entirely created by the SPYS merging technique and story with inspiration from the children's book "The Red Tree" by Shaun Tan.

Cast List

Girl One - Vicky Bond
Girl Two -Amber Langley
Girl Three - Rhiannon Williamson
Girl Four - Amber Godwin
Boy One -Lee Carter
Boy Two - Rhys Jenkins
Boy Three - Josh Wrighton

Backstage team

Stage Manager : Julian Hinton
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Ross Brown

Production dates



  • Won Jim English Costume Award
  • Winning Youth Group
  • All Seven Actors won Most Promising Youth Performance


  • Winning Youth Group (AAD Award for Youth Drama)
  • Rhys Jenkins won West Town Workshop Theatre for Youth
  • Rhiannon Williamson won Denning Award for Youth