Still Thinking...
created by Ross Brown & Dan Williamson

Directed by Ross Brown & Dan Williamson

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Winners of the Five Counties Youth Final

Setting: Rehearsal Room

Time: One week ago

It is one week before the One Act Festival and the SPYS team still have no performance and they are beginning to panic. Dan wanted to direct this year's entry and things have not gone to plan and he is now struggling to keep the group in order as well as creating a winning one act entry.

Cast List

Dan Williamson as the Director
Milo Cridge as the Grease Fanatic
Ross Arnott as the Star Wars Geek
Hannah Brownlie as the Actress
Rosie Riley as the Romantic
Ashley Russell as Rosie's Rival
Vicki Bond as the Emotional Wreck
Rhys Jenkins as the Drama Guru
Faith Ball as the Chav

Backstage team

Stage Manager : Ross Brown
Light & Sound: Kirk Clifford

Production dates

Bristol Festival (WISE Campus, Filton) : Wednesday 5th February

Avon Festival (Chipping Sodbury Town Hall) : Thursday 19th February

Five Counties Youth Final (Iron Acton Village Hall), Saturday 25th April



  • Winning Youth Group (AAD Award for Youth Drama)

    Five Counties Youth Final

  • Overall winner - Mike Bishop Trophy