Darkness In The Night
by Rob Hockley

Directed by Lucy Cragg

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To protect her friend Lily from the unwanted attentions of Dave, Kate has persuaded Dave that Lily has died in an explosion. Lily, a reformed kleptomaniac, invites Kate to the abandoned house where she has stored her loot in order to dispose of it, while at the same time Dave drags his friend Bob to the same house, which he thinks is an ancestral home, to try to contact Lily's departed spirit. Inevitably the two pairs meet, Dave convinced that he has conjured Lily from the dead, and hilarious ramifications ensue.

Cast List

Dave : Rhys Jenkins
Bob : Alex Elliott
Lily : Maria Fay Hill
Kate : Lauren Soper

Backstage team

Stage Manager : Kirk Clifford
Light & Sound : Kirk Clifford & Dan Williamson

Production dates

Bristol Festival (WISE Campus, Filton) : 12th February 2016

Avon Festival (Playhouse Theatre, Backwell) : 26th February 2016

Quarter Final (Playhouse Theatre, Backwell) : 16th April 2016



  • Winning Youth Group (AAD Award for Youth Drama)
  • Overall Winning Production (The Alexander Trophy)
  • Rhys Jenkins nominated for Best Actor
  • Alex Elliot nominated for Youth Encouragement
  • Maria Hill nominated for Youth Encouragement
  • Lauren Soper nominated for Most Promising Youth Performance


  • Overall Winning Youth Group
  • Rhys Jenkins - Won Most Promising Youth Performance
  • Alex Elliot & Lauren Soper - Nominated for Most Promising Youth Performance <