Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding)
by Federico Garcia Lorca adapted by Ross Brown

Directed by Ross Brown

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Bodas de Sangre centres around the struggle of Leonardo, a man who is married with one child. He has another child to be born soon but is still in love with his ex-girlfriend of three years.

Cast List

Bride : Aaliyah Wilmot
Bridegroom : Sam Francom
Mother : Rhiannon Williamson
Leonardo : Jake Palmer
Mother in Law : Lauren Soper
Father : Louis Cowell
Servant : Immie Hutchins
Neighbour : Olivia Press
Death : Lillie Brownlie
Woodcutter 1 : Ryan Carroll
Woodcutter 2 : Dan Gregor
Woodcutter 3 : Louis Cowell
Moon : Immie Hutchins, Lauren Soper, Abi Hurford, Ryan Carroll, Dan Gregor, Louis Cowell, Olivia Press

Backstage team

Stage Manager : Kirk Clifford
Lighting : Kirk Clifford

Production dates

Bristol Festival (WISE Campus, Filton) : 12th February 2018

Avon Festival (Playhouse Theatre, Backwell) : 9th March 2018

Quarter Final (WISE Campus, Filton) : 7th April 2018



  • Winning Youth Group
  • Overall Winning Production (non-opting)
  • Best Costume
  • Best Moment in Theatre : The Tree
  • Most Promsing Youth : Rhiannon Williamson
  • Best Director : Ross Brown
  • Nomination of sound for Adjudicator's Award


  • Overall Winning Production (The Alexander Trophy)
  • Overall Winning Youth Group (AAD Award for Youth Dramma)
  • Adjudicators Choice : Aaliyah Wilmot
  • The Ruth Perrett Award (Costume)
  • Denning Award for Youth (Encouragement)
  • West Town Workshop Theatre for Youth (Most promising Youth Performance) : Rhiannon Williamson
  • Nominated for Ridchard Brayshaw Cop (Technical Award)
  • Ross Brown nominated for Adjudicator's Award : Concept of the 3 woodcutters)