Jack and the Beanstalk
by John Morley

Produced & Directed by Stan Ward.

Production dates : January 1990

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Fleshcreep : Adrian Young
Giant Blunderbore : Tim Wrighton
Vegetable Fairy : Mavis Davison
Clarence Clanger (the town crier) : Nigel Chambers
Princess Melanie (the King's daughter) : Anne-Marie Thompson
King Satupon : Ricky Wright
Sergean Spick (the King's Guardsman) : Margaret Ward
Corpral Span (the King's Guardsman) : Wendy Whittle
Silly Billy (Dame Trot's son) : Julian Hinton
Jack Trot : Grant Whittaker
Dame Trot : Ted Hughes
Daisy the Cow : Jaybe Smith & Jackie Ward
Blodwyn Blunderbore : Kate Mattingley
Villagers : Jo Bawdon, Geeta Ganesh, Sophie Griffiths, Rachel Holt, Charlotte Howells, Pauline Howells, Sam Horler, Kathy Lowe, Louise Matthews, Louise Romanowski, Emma Smith, Joanne Smith, Claire Sokell, Lucy Williams, Daniel Birkby, Paul Gregory, Damian Grundle, Alex Houlston, Keith Rayfield, Steven Ramanowski, Paul Welch.

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Mark Graves
Asst. Stage Manager : Martyn Evans
Set Construction : Members
Musical Director : Paul O'Connor
Orchestra : Joy Cheverton, Steven Gregory, Jill Hughes, Ann O'Connor.
Lights : Tony Walmsley & Tim Hunter
Sound : Wendy Hughes
Costumes : Janice Chivers
Props : Norma Herring
Prompt : Janet Houlston
Front of House : Sue Bridgeman, Pauline Pincott & members.