Jack and the Beanstalk

John Morley

Produced & Directed by Stan Ward.

Production dates : 20th-27th Jan 2001

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Dame Trot : Roy Whitlow
Jack (her son) : Karin Davies
Silly Billy (her other son) : Julian Hinton
King Satupon : Mike Hardwick
Princess Melanie (his daughter) : Charley Green
Daisy (the cow) : Laura Thompson & Kate Turner
Sergeant Spick (King's Guardsman) : Ros Kent
Corporate Span (King's Guardsman) : Jim Coventry
Clarence Clanger (Town Crier) : Nigel Chambers
Fleshcreep (Giant's Henchman) : George Kousouros
The vegetable fairy : Sue Bridgeman
The dreaded dragon : Jenny Green
Giant Blunderbore : Andrew Allsopp
Mrs Blodwyn Blunderbore (his wife) : Maggie Allsopp

Backstage crew

Set Design : Phil Lovell
Set Building : The normal crew
Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Scenic Artists : Simon Drummond
Props : Margaret Ward, Becky Garven
Lights : Tim Hunter, Rob Creer, Mark Graves
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Special Effects : Nigel Chambers
Costumes : Brenda Allen, Marion Whitlow (for the dame)
Choreography : Joy Cheverton
Musical Director : Joy Cheverton
Musicians : Nick Gill & Chris Gill
Box Office : Stephen Bashford
Prompt : Angela
Makeup : Dawn Perrett
Photography : Mark Graves
Front of House : Debbie Bashford, Nicki Hardwick & members 

Here are some of the publicity photos printed in the Sodbury & Yate Gazette.

Somehow we managed to lose the head of our cow "Daisy". However, she served us well as several ticket orders were taken as a result of this incident.

At the Chipping Sodbury Victorian Evening we had a stall and some of the members dressed up to promote the show. We had a competition to guess the number of beans in a jar. This was won by Ben Rudge (below).

We had an unfortunate problem on our third show on the Monday night. Julian Hinton who played Silly Billy managed to fall off the stage and broke his arm badly. However, the show went on with Ros Kent taking his place in the next few scenes whilst he was taken to hospital. Not even a broken arm can stop Julian from going bacj on stage and he bravely turned up for the remaining shows. Well done to all concerned.