Sleeping Beauty
by Marion Swan

Produced & Directed by Roy Whitlow.

Production dates : 19th - 26th January 2002

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Offpants (a barmy bumptious bureaucrat) : Nigel Chambers
Lester the Jester (a laughing loyal loony) : Julian Hinton
King Stefan (a right rollicking royal) : Stan Ward
Queen Glühwein (spicy, full bodied and regal) : Margaret Ward
Princess Rosamond (aged 6) (a rosy, royal miss) : Anna Whitehead
Princess Rosamond (our hero's dream girl) : Charley Green
Nanny Knowall (a caring bundle -somewhat lumpy - of fun) : Andy Allsopp
Flora (fairy lite - must be good for you) : Maggie Allsopp
Delight (fairy spread - outwards mainly) : Ros Kent
Clover (fully unsaturated - but loveable) : Beckie Garven
Cholesterol (evil, repulsive and medically unsound) : Sue Bridgeman
Worc (a henchman - full of hench) : Rob Creer
Prince Valiant (handsome, heroic, brave, clever - the lot) : Diane Owen
Captain Dashaboutalot (an absolute charmer?) : Simon Owen
Mister Woody Woodman (a trusty rusty rustic) : Steve Crump
Mrs Woodman (rosy, cosy, nosy - but not dozy) : Pennie Sutton
Smithy the Blacksmith (simply strong - or strongly simple) : Jim Coventry
Wizard (a wonder horse: neigh he isn't!) : George Kousouros & Angela Watson
Angel (straight from 'Dial a Spell') : Megan Neate
Little Faries : Stapleton School of Dancing
Chorus of Lords, Ladies, Attendants, Villagers, Nasties and Night creatures : Anna Whitehead, Ceilidh Wilkinson, Charlotte Harris, Gemma Hinton, Hannah Powell, Kelly Harvey, Lisa Mumford, Megan Neate, Louise Drew, Reena Kumar, Bryony Ward, Joe Derrick, Lisa Duncan, Simon Owen, James Murden.

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Set Design : Phil Lovell
Scenic Artist : Simon Drummond
Set Construction : Rob Owen, Phil Lovell, Phil Oliver, Will Wrighton
Musical Director : Joy Cheverton
Band : Tony Brown & Chris Gill
Choreographer : Marion Whitlow
Lights : Tim Hunter, Tim Peacock
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Special Effects : Nigel Chambers & Debbie Bashford
Costumes : Siân Butler, Brenda Allen
Make-up : Dawn Perrett
Props : Norma Graves, Nicki Hardwick, Annette Crump
Prompt/Direction Assistant : Karin Davies
Box Office : Stephen Bashford
Front of House : Pauline Pincott + members.