Babes in the Wood
by TLC Creative

Script by TLC Creative from Lazy Bee Scripts

Produced & Directed by Rob Creer & James Murden

Production dates : 13th-21st January 2006 [Dress Rehearsal Photos]

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Babes in the Wood poster


Robin Hood : Jacqui Coventry
Maid Marion : Michelle Harries
The Good Fairy : Diane Owen
Nurse Molly : Simon Woollaston
Dangerous Dave : Richard Cottle
Sheriff Rottingham : Steve Crump
The Babes: Pip & Penny : Amy Smith & Megan Neate
Block : Lin Bowden
Tackle : Grant McCotter
Little John : Jim Coventry
Friar Tuck : Andrew Stubbs
Will Scarlet : Kathy Lowe
Alana Dale : Charlotte Green
Villagers, Guards, Creatures of the Forest and Merry Men: Ross Brown, Bryony Ward, Hannah Simmonds, Lauren Carr, James Bennett, Heather Nicholls, Laura Robinson, Kayleigh Rose, Katie Mullins, Rhian Arnold & Lauren Moran.

Backstage crew

Producer & Director : Rob Creer
Co-producer : James Murden
Musical Director : Joy Cheverton
Prompt : Mavis Davison
Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Assistant Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Assisted by : Paul Rotten, Maria Mallon, Gerry Hunt, Mike Knight, Debbie Bashford.
Sound Technician : Stephen Bashford
Lighting Director : Rob Owen, assisted by Tom Campbell
Scenic Artist and Visual Design : Gerry Hunt
Costume & Wigs : Brenda Allen and Siân Butler
MakeUp : Chrissie Bassett
Props : Stan & Margaret Ward, George Kousorous & Gill Highes
Front of House Manager : Norma & Mark Graves
Box Office : Norma Graves