Sleeping Beauty
by Ross Brown & James Murden

Produced & Directed by Ross Brown & James Murden.

Production dates : 23rd - 25th August 2012 as Old Sodbury Village Hall

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Fairy Cakes: Diane Owen
Fairy Conomy: Sue Bridgeman
Fairy Nuff: Tina Stewart
Malevolent: Lucy Childs
Princess Chastity: Charlotte Harris
Prince Prince: Grant McCotter
Dave: Lin Bowden
Simple Simon: Julian Hinton
Dame Do-Little: Richard Cottle
King Charles: Andrew Stubbs
Queen Camilla: Michaela Sydney
Watchem: Nicky Shipton
Guardem: Ros Kent
Frank N. Stein: Tim Ball
Chorus: Rhea Brushini, Paul Cragg, Kayleigh Rose and Ellen Gallagher

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Stage Crew : Simon Carney & Rich Painter
Set Design : Lorraine Badminton
Lights : Tim Hunter
Radio Mics : Martin Harper & Adam Greenslade
Costumes : Anna Walker
Props : Simon Carnley
Box Office : Anna Walker
Front of House : Members of Sodbury Players