Mother Goose
by Diane Owen & Ross Brown

Produced & Directed by Diane Owen.

Production dates : 16 to 23rd January 2016

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Lord Voldor (an evil alien) : James Murden
Datum (Lord Voldor's robotic assistant) : Joe Moore
Fairy Starlight (a good fairy with real star-quality) : Lucy Cragg
Jack (son of Mother Goose and in search of love) : Hannah Brownlie
Polly (a new student - in search of stardom & love) : Kate Salt
Charlie (likeable Irish chap also in search of his dream) : Julian Hinton
Mother Goose (the dame - ugly but lovable) : Pete Williamson
Duke of Jollywood (Polly's father - a jolly old soul) : Tim Ball
Miss Sparks (assistant to Mother Goose who lives up to her name) : Tina Stewart
Priscilla the Goose : Lin Bowden
Fish-Folk (inhabitants of the pool of beauty):
Mermaid : Tracey Ball
Squid : Kieran Cambridge
Prawn : George Ball
Tuna : Lizzie Abbot-Davies
Cod : Ross Arnott
Jellyfish : Sammy Mountford
Shark : Rhys Jenkins
Dancers : Dan Williamson, Rhiannon Williamson, Faith Ball, Shauna Piekelniak
Chorus of dancers, academy students, spa girls, show girls, inhabitants of the Planet of the Geese : Amy Bassett, Amber Langley, Holly Pine, Sammy Mountford, Jess Jones, Lily Cocking, Kieran Cambridge, Ross Arnott

Backstage crew

Stage Manager :
Asst. Stage Manager :
Stage Crew : Will Wrighton, Simon Carney, Paul Rotton, Kirk Clifford, Mark Crumpton, Debbie Bashford, Daniel Harvey, Phil Lovell
Scenic Design : Lorraine Badminton
Set Painters : Loraine Badminton, Caitlin Clarke, Craig Earby
Orchestra : Callum Webb, Nick Gill, Paul Cragg, Jack Harris, Neil Berry
Choreographer : Lucy Cragg
Singing Coach : Kate Salt
Lights : Rob Owen, Daniel Harvey
Follow Spots :
Sound : Stephen Bashford & Grant McCotter
Radio Microphones : Martin Harper & Adam Greenslade
Pyrotechnics : Debbie Bashford
Costumes : Lin Bowden, Jane Williamson, Pete Williamson, Kayleigh Rose, Roisin Cabry, Karen Smith, Becky Sawicki-Gregg, Rachek Gossam, Sarah Locke, Victoria Ainley
Make-Up : Charlotte Harris
Props : Maggie Allsopp, Sarah Dixon & Sarah Savage
Prompt : Kayleigh Rose
Box Office : Stephen Bashford buy Tickets online
Front of House : James Murden, Ross Brown with members of Sodbury Players & SPYS