Quest For A Golden Key
by Geoffrey Thornber

Produced & Directed by Stan Ward.

Production dates : Jan 1984

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Sybil (the awful witch) : Marina Rae
Little Monster (an ambitious villain) : Cecil Gee
Sad Sack (a villain's helper) : Su Farr
Blot (a blot) : Katherine Thomson
Teaboy : Mark Cooper
The Professor : Ricky Wright
Pippa (a ballerina doll) : Adrienne Harris
Tommy (a toy soldier) : Mark Graves
Precious Twinkle (a royal cat) : Carol Sloggett
Tatterwort (a magician) : Christine Cox
Fibula (a lady in waiting) : Norma Herring
Queen : Sue Bridgeman
Princess Marigold : Michelle Bennett
Peregrine (an apprentice knight) : Nick Longley
A Visitor : Matthew Cooper

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Mark Thomas
Set Construction : 
Lights : Barry Walding, Leyton Brown & Tim Wrighton
Effects : Mike Gates, Pauline Pincott, Ruby Price
Costumes : Christine Pilkington
Props : Kate Mattingley
Prompt : Alison Bacon
Box Office : Martin Dadswell
Front of House : Martin Dadswell & members