The Ghost Train
by Arnold Ridley

Produced & Directed by Phil Lovell.

Production dates : Sept 1989

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Saul Hodgkin (station master at Fal Vale Station) : Ricky Wright
Richard Winthrop : Stan Ward
Elsie (his wife) : Sue Bridgeman
Charles Murdock (junior partner in Murdock & Son) : Mark Graves
Peggy Murdock (his newly married wife) : Katherine Hardwick
Miss Bourne : Pauline Pincott
Teddie Deakin : Tony Walmsley
Julia Price : Su Farr
Herbert Price : Tim Wrighton
John Sterling : Martyn Evans
Jackson : Mike Hardwick

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Nigel Chambers
Special Effects : Leyton Brown
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound (FOH) : Grant Whittaker
Sound (backstage) : Norma Herring
Costumes : Janice Chivers & Jill Hughes
Props : Jayne Smith & Jackie Ward
Prompt : Janet Houlston
Make-Up : Jane Fox & Donna Houlston
Box Office : Wendy Whittle
Front of House : Wendy Whittle & members