Don't Just Lie There, Say Something!
by Michael Pertwee

Produced & Directed by Tim Wrighton.

Production dates : 10th-13th May 1995

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Barry Ovis, MP : Mark Herring
Rt Hon. Wilfred Potts, MP : Les Jones
Sir William Mainwaring-Brown, MP : Stan Ward
Inspector Ruff : Ian Bartlett
Gisele Parkyn : Louise Hinks
Damina : Jacki Ward
Wendy : Debbie Bashford
Jean Fenton : Katherine Hardwick
Caretaker : Mark Graves

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Assistant Stage Manager : Jon Gershon
Props : Maggi Allsopp & Nicki Ives
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Nigel Chambers
Television Presenters Voice : Mark Cooper
Wardrobe : Diane Heal
Box Office : Norma Graves
Prompt : Jean Daines
Front of House : Norma Graves & members of Sodbury Players