The Government Inspector
by Nikolai Gogol

Produced & Directed by Siân Butler.

Production dates : 10th - 13th September 2003

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Publicity photos taken on 2nd August at Bath Theatrical Costume Hire

The story is of a penniless nobody who is mistaken for a government inspector by the corrupt and self seeking officials of a small town in Tsarist Russia. We witness the officials’ increasingly desperate attempts to placate the ‘Inspector’, the ever increasing confusion, and the final awful realisation that they have been duped. The play is always humorous, has moments of high farce, and offers the audience a memorable and enjoyable evening.


The Police Governor (no longer young he is far from a fool) : Roy Whitlow
Anna, his wife (a provincial coquette) : Jane Elliott
Marya (Governor's daughter, age 18. Likes clothes and dreams of marriage. Dislikes thinking) : Claire Taylor
Klestakov (a young man in his 20's - simple, rather fey, a skiver) : Rob Creer
Osip (Klestov's servant. A typical ageing servant who is, on the quiet, a cheat) : Richard Cottle
Schools Superintendent (scared of people in authority) : Mark Graves
Super's wife (an emotional woman! last scene only) : Norma Graves
Judge (a man who has read 5 or 6 books and so is slightly inclined towards freethinking) : Keith Cox
Postmaster (a man so simple, he is simply naive) : Duncan Collins
Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky (landowners, like Tweedledum Tweedledee) : Simon Owen & James Murden
Charity Commissioner (a clever rascal and snitch) : Steve Crump
Police Sergeant : Adam Morgan
Mishka (the Governor's servant) : Ross Brown
Waiter (at the Inn, who smiles all the time because he has been 'saved') : Joe Derrick
Poshlepkinka (the locksmith's wife) : Norma Graves
Sergeant's widow : Annette Crump
1st, 2nd, 3rd Merchant : Nick Elliott, Steve Mercer, George Kousorous
Stepan Korobkin (a respected, retired official) : George Kousorous
Korobkin's wife : Annette Crump
Guests, townspeople, merchants, petitioners, serfs : Members of SPYS

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Asst. Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Set Design : Phil Lovell
Set Construction : Phil Lovell, Will Wrighton, Roy Whitlow, Rob Owen & others
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Stephen Bashford & Rob Owen
Costumes : Brenda Allen, Karin Davies, Roy Whitlow
Props : 
Make-Up :
Prompt & Direction assistant: Karin Davies
Box Office : Norma Graves 0845 1260859
Front of House : Pauline Pincott & members