Booze, Bungee & Blackleg
by Stephen Mercer

Produced & Directed by Stephen Mercer.

Production dates : 7th to 10th September 2005 [Dress Rehearsal Photos]

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This brand new farce has been shortlisted from 71 entries from 9 countries for the 2005 Scottish Community new playwriting competition and therefore Sodbury Players' production is a 'world premiere'.

The production takes us unashamedly back to the traditions of British farce, with a few modern twists. Farce is defined as a depiction of outwardly everyday people in extraordinary or impossible situations - and this play is no different - a famous couple trapped in a compromising situation in a seedy Cornish hotel, run by a husband and wife with a rather unusual sideline in designer Cornish pasties, is perhaps typical of any farce. However when you throw in the odd pirate, Bulgarian asylum seeker, bemused French tourists, passing nun and a theatrical lush with an unusual way of knocking out hotel guests, then the mayhem mounts. We won't say too much more at this stage in case we 'give the game away' but were we to add that even the latter odd mix of characters find themselves engaging in a plot with even more bizarre twists, then we hope our audiences will find something in the production to 'tickle every fancy'.


Harry Pendunnet : Stan Ward
Blackleg Skillington : Rob Creer
Minnie Pendunnet : Norma Graves
Frances Shaunt : Lin Bowden
Tracy Trimble : Chrissie
Boris Bugarov : George Kousouros
Julian Winsnip : Duncan Collins
Pierre Royan : Andrew Stubbs
Juliette Royan : Mel Fox
Philippa Stiles : Kathy Lowe
Candida Farquar : Jackie Coventry
Sister Angelina : Maria Mallon
Sister Angelina : Ross Brown
Photographer :

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Asst. Stage Manager :
Set Design : Phil Lovell
Set Construction : Phil Lovell
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Costumes :  Megan Neate
Props :  Megan Neate
Make-Up :
Prompt : Margaret Ward
Box Office : Stephen Bashford
Front of House : Diane Owen & members