The Curious Savage
by John Patrick

Produced & Directed by Diane Owen.

Production dates : 17-20th May 2006 [Dress Rehearsal Photos]

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The play is a gentle comedy set in 1950 Massachusetts in a private “sanatorium” for social misfits. There are some moments of high comedy mixed with pathos and so, to achieve the right atmosphere, the 11-strong cast will need to play their characters with sincerity. This is particularly the case for the inmates of the sanatorium, or guests as they are referred to in the script. They are in the final stage of their treatment and on the surface seem normal but each has a significant psychological condition to portray.

The Curious Savage poster


The Guests:

Florence : Lin Bowden
Fairy May : Charley Green
Jeffrey : Grant McCotter
Hannibal : Ross Brown
Miss Paddy : Mavis Davison

The Family:

Titus Savage : Steve Mercer
Samuel Savage : Andrew Stubbs
Lily Belle Savage : Sian Butler
Ethel Savage : Norma Graves

The Staff:

Miss Wilhelmina : Chrissie Bassett
Dr Emmett : Roy Whitlow

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Robert Owen
Set Design : Robert Owen
Set Construction : Robert Owen, Will Wrighton, Phil Lovell & members
Lights : Tim Hunter/Rob Creer
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Costumes : Brenda Allen
Props : Marion Whitlow
Prompt : Julian Hinton
Box Office : Stephen Bashford (
Front of House : Pauline Pincott & Members