Bone Chiller
by Monk Ferris

Produced & Directed by Siân Butler & Maggie Allsopp.

Production dates : 12th - 15th September 2007

The story starts as the invited guests (family, friends, and some questionable others) arrive for the reading of Josiah Travers’ will, only to find it has an odd twist! In order to learn the terms of the will, the guests have to first figure out a challenging puzzle. In the meantime, two mysterious “deaths” occur, causing everyone in the house to become scared for their own lives! Through murder and drinks we discover each guest’s motive for being present and just what they are willing to do to receive Josiah’s inheritance!

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Jerry Delvin (engaged to Connie) : Grant McCotter
Connie Travers (engaged to Jerry) : Chrissie Bassett
Buzzy Burdet (Jerry's friend) : Ross Brown
Kissy Travers (Connie's sister) : Charley Green
Theodosia Travers (Eloise's sister) : Lin Bowden
Flame Fondue (kindergarten teacher) : Nicky Shipton
Zita Van Zok (Theodosia's companion) : Siân Butler
Mauvins (the butler) : Simon Woolaston
Adler Sheridan : Duncan Collins
Eloise Ainsley (sister of Theodosia) : Norma Graves
Pippi (the parlourmaid) : Megan Neate
Lucretia (the cook) : Maria Mallon
Dan Denton (police officer) : Alan Medcroft

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Asst. Stage Manager :
Set Design : Phil Lovell
Scenic Artist : Gerry Hunt
Set Construction : Phil Lovell, Rob Owen, Will Wrighton
Lights : Ron Owen
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Costumes : Louise Drew
Props : Rob Creer & James Murden
Make-Up : Chrissie Bassett
Prompt : Kathy Lowe
Box Office : Andrew Stubbs
Front of House : Steve & Annette Crump + Members