Accrington Pals
by Peter Whelan

Produced & Directed by Andrew Stubbs.

Production dates : 14-17th September 2011

Accrington Pals tells the story of 1,100 unwitting Lancashire men who signed up to Kitchener's call for volunteers during the First World War. The men march off to war with their spirits high. The play then contrasts their experiences in the trenches with those of the women left behind.

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Nominated for the following NODA SW Awards (Jan 2012)


May Hassal, a stallholder : Katie Salt
Tom Hackford, an apprentice : Rob Creer
Eva Mason, a mill girl : Molly Clements
Ralph, a clerk : James Murden
Annie Boggis, a housewife : Lin Bowden
Arthur Boggis, her husband : Tim Ball
Reggie Boggis, her son : Dan Williamson
Bertha Treecott, a mill girl : Kayleigh Rose
Sarah Harding, a mill worker : Roisin Cabry
CSM Rivers : Richard Cottle

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Asst. Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Set Design : Phil Lovell & Lorraine Badminton
Set Construction : Phil Lovell, Rob Owen, Pete Williamson, Mike Knight, Rhiannon Williamson, Maria Mallon, Chantelle DeFreitas & Simon Carney
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Special Effects : Debbie Bashford
Voice Coaches : Roy Whitlow & Lin Bowden
Costumes : Becky Sawicki-Gregg, Brenda Allen
Props :  Roy & Marion Whitlow, Debbie Bashford & Simon Carney
Make-Up : Roisin Cabry
Prompt : Tina Stewart
Box Office : Jill Hughes
Front of House : Jill Hughes & members of Sodbury Players & SPYS.s

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