The Wizard of Oz
by Pete Williamson, Katie Salt & Ross Brown

based on the characters created by Frank L Baum

Produced & Directed by Julian Hinton, Katie Salt, Pete Williamson & Ross Brown

Production dates : 27th July 2013, 2pm & 7pm

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Dorothy Gale - Rosie Riley
Uncle Henry - Daniel Harvey
Aunt Em - Sophie Reynolds
Glinda, Good Witch of the North - Fran Hinton
Hunk/ Scarecrow - Ross Arnott
Hickory/ Tinman - George Ball
Zeke/ Lion - Daniel Williamson
Miss Gultch/ Wicked Witch of the West - Sammie Ball
Toto - Rhiannon Williamson
Professor Marvel/ Oz, The Great and Powerful - Lee Carter
Munchkin Mayor/ Mayor of Oz - Rhys Jenkins
Coroner/ Oz Deputy - Molly Clements
Winkie Captain - Amy Bassett
Winkies - Abbie Merrit and Jack Harris
Monkey Captain - Vicki Bond
Monkeys - Amber Godwin and Megan Harris
Munchkins/People of Oz - Shauna Piekielniak, Hannah Morgan, Dan Gregor, Josh Wrighton, Emily Perry, Vicki Bond, Lily Cocking, Abbie Merrit, Megan Harris
Oz Doormen - Daniel Harvey and Sophie Reynolds
Crows - Molly Clements and Amber Sharpe
Trees - Lily Cocking and Amber Sharpe

Backstage crew

Stage Manager : Phil Lovell
Set Design : Phil Lovell
Set Construction : Phil Lovell, Rob Owen, Gillian Wilcox
Musical Director : Katie Salt
Music : Callum Webb
Choreography : Lucy Childs
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Julian Hinton
Costumes : Jane Williamson
Props : 
Make-Up :
Prompt :
Box Office : Stephen Bashford
Front of House : Kayleigh Rose & members of Sodbury Players