The Edge of Darkness
by Brian Clemens

"After her disappearance several years ago, Emma finds that her memory is damaged; there is much she does not recognize or understand. Why does she appear familiar with certain Russian phrases; why has she such a horror of a harmless silver bell, of a portrait on the wall, of knives? Is she, in fact, Emma Cranwell? Behind these questions looms a menacing mystery which finally erupts into violence and horror.

This play is set around 1900.

This amateur production of “Edge of Darkness, The” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

Produced & Directed by Andrew Stubbs.

Production dates : 27th-30th September 2017

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Penny : Nicky Shipton
Hardy : Rob Creer
Max Cranwell : Steve Crump
Laura Cranwell :Diane Owen
Emma : Lizzie Abbot-Davies
Livago : Richard Cottle

Backstage crew

Stage Manager :
Asst. Stage Manager :
Set Design : 
Set Construction : 
Lights/Sound : Rob Owen, Kirk Clifford & Stephen Bashford
Costumes : Karen Smith & Lin Bowden
Props : Lucy Cragg & Ross Brown
Prompt : David Lord
Box Office : Jane Williamson
Front of House : Jane Williamson