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Sodbury Players - Cinderella (2022) Tix gold.jpg


By Ross Brown


After Baron Stoneybrowke's 2nd wife goes missing on a cruise, he finds himself with two new step daughers who make his own daughter Cinderella be their servant. When Prince Atlas arrives in town to hold a royal ball, Cinders can only hope that her sisters will let her go.


Will Cinderella get her happily ever after? Will the party planners throw the best ball in town? Will Buttons become the stand up comedian he wishes? Hopefully, with the help of veteran fairy godmother Fairy Tale and trainee fairy godmother Fairy Fledgling

It was Charles Perrault who first introduced the glass slipper and fairy godmother to the Cinderella story in 1697’s Cendrillon. Other versions have found the heroine wearing a magic ring or magic gold, silver or fur slippers. Similarly, the spirit of Cinderella’s deceased mother has at times portrayed the fairy godmother-type character.

The first real pantomime version of 'Cinderella' opened at Covent Garden in 1820.


Kayleigh Rose                Ryan Carroll and James Murden


Fairy Tale - Lin Bowden

Fairy Fledgling - Grace Morris

Cinderella - Maria Kellengray

Baron Stoneybroke - David Lord

Buttons - Liam Palmer

Crusty - Ross Brown

Musty - James Frost

Penelope - Tracey Ball

Patricia - Tina Milton

Prince Atlas - Jade Mechin

Dandini - Sophie Cook

Hoot hoot - Nicky Shipton

Chorus - Charlotte Murden, Liv Press, Sammy Mountford, Katrina Zolokoski, Isabelle Prested, Jessica HOlden, Yasmine Kabbarra-Dolby, Courtney Days, Eden-Rae Thomas, Myles Tanner, Aaron Batty, Freya Ward


Choreography - Jade Mechin

Dance Captain - Isabelle Prested

Musical Directors - Paul Cragg and Cameron Hector

Band - Paul Cragg, Cameron Hector, Jack Harris, Beth Goodchild and Neil Berry

Stage Manager - Kirk Bishop

Set Painting - Steve and Annette Crump and other members

Set Construction & Crew -Phil Lovell, Will Wrighton, David Gale, Jane Gale, TIm Bond, Richard Forman, Si Ellis, Mark Crumpton, Paul Rotten, Mike Knight and other members

Costumes - Karen Smith, Lucy Cragg, Mags Bond, Lin Bowden

Make up - Charlotte Harris with Liv Press

Properties - Sammy Ball  and Jane Gale with Charlie Ashpole, Debbie Bashford, Diane Owen, Lizzie Abbot-Davies, Lucy Cragg and Mags Bond

Lighting -Sam Walsh and Ellie Gendall

Follow spots - Rob Owen, Rob Creer, Tim Ball, Tim Bond, Richard Cottle and members of Sodbury Players

Sound - Steve Bashford and Grant McCotter

Radio Microphones - Martin Harper

Continuity - Maggie Allsop

Programme Design  - Katie Webb

Publicity - Katie Webb and Lucy Cragg

Front of House - Laura Wrighton, Mags Bond and members of Sodbury Players

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