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Devised by SPYS

Each chapter of the story explores a different character all of whom are linked to the Hanging Tree, an old tree in which people were hung. Each story was created and directed by the SPYS based around the stimulus of a leaf.  

Chapter One: The Root of all Evil

The hanging tree remembers the crimes of Nicholas, a school boy sent to the tree for committing a school shooting.


Chapter Two: Mulberry Bush

How far do childhood games go? For Steve playtime leads straight to the tree.,


Chapter Three: Fall

Lea can’t remember. She needs to piece together information and memories to find out the truth about her past.

Chapter Four: The Tree of Life

Following the seven stages of man, this chapter explores the memories of an old man as he recalls his life.

"The Hanging Tree" is a song by American composer James Newton Howard featuring vocals from American actress Jennifer Lawrence.




Won AAD Award for Youth Drama

Ensemble work - Nominated Adjudicators Award

Josh Wrighton - Nominated Most Promising Youth Performance

Hattie Powell, Immie Hutchins, Holly Pine - Nominated Youth Encouragment (for opening the piece)


Ross Brown with Lucy Cragg

"Fall" direction by Jake Palmer

"The root of all evil" direction by Dan Gregor


Singer One: Hattie Powell

Singer Two: Holly Pine

Singer Three: Immie Hutchins

Condemned Man - Josh Wrighton

Condemned Man - Liam Palmer

Condemned Woman - Lea Quemard

Condemned Man - Louis Cowell

The Hanging Tree - The Ensemble

Nicholas- Josh Wrighton

Mom - Kelsey Alderman

Dr Baldwin - Ryan Carroll

Student/Newsreader 1 - Libby Roebuck

Student/Newsreader 2 - Ruby Fuller

Student/Newsreader 3 - Isabelle Prested

Student/Newsreader 4 - Justin Cooper-Fussell

Pete - Dan Gregor

Steve - Louis Cowell

Creepers - Hattie Powell, Holly Pine, Louise Gregor, Grace Morris, Gemma Wrighton, George Pugh, Harrison Ellis

Lea - Lea Quemard

Sophie - Sophie Cook

Tom - Thomas Morgan-Elsbury

Immie - Immie Hutchins

Yasmine - Yasmine Kabbara-Dolby

Jordan - Jordan Witter

Aimee - Aimee Soper

Old Man - Liam Palmer

School Boy- Charlie Ashpole

School Girl - Karlie Rushent

Lover/Soldier - Lewis Taylor

Soldier - Josh Milton

Mother - Lillie Brownlie

Lover - Evie Hodges



Stage Manager : Jake Palmer
Lighting : Ross Brown

Sound: Ross Brown and Lucy Cragg

Props: David Lord and cast

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