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Alice In Wonderland 2020

Alice in Wonderland

By Tom Whalley



A curious pantomime for 2019!

Young Alice, bored of the books with no pictures on the river bank, follows a cheeky rabbit (with terrible timekeeping) down a rabbit hole and into a place like no place on Earth...Wonderland! There she finds a world beyond her wildest dreams.


But not all is well in Wonderland for it's the wicked Queen of Hearts' un-birthday party and the Knave has a plot to steal the jam tarts! With the help of the Duchess, a sassy Cheshire Cat and the maddest of Hatters, will Alice and her imagination be able to save Wonderland? And why is a raven like a writing desk? 




The novel was written by Lewis Carroll. This was a pseudo name; his real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. It was published on 26th November 1865.

There have been many big screen versions of "Alice in Wonderland" - the first being released in 1903 (a silent film) and most recent being 2010 starring Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter.


Lin Bowden and Naomi Ashley-Smith


Alice: Kayleigh Rose

Sister: Sammy Mountford

Knave of Hearts: David Lord

Cheshire Cat: Jade Meachin

White Rabbit: Tracey Ball

Mad Hatter: Ross Brown

March Hare: Lucy Cragg

Dormouse: Jessica Holden

The Dutchess: Duncan Collins

Queen of Hearts: Ros Kent

King of Hearts: Stan Ward

Tweedle Dum: Sammie Ball

Tweedle Dee: Mags Bond

Knobby: Ralph Tilton

Mock Turtle: Dave Morgan

Master: Rebecca Jones

Seven: Libby Roebuck

Three: Isabelle Prested

Chours: Charlie Ashpole, Josh Milton

Dancers: Sophie Cook, Ruby Fuller, Louise Gregor, Lillie Brownlie

The Band

Keyboards - Paul Cragg and Jack Harris

Guitar - Lily Haghighat

Bass Guitar - Cameron Hector

Drums - 


Choreography - Lucy Cragg

Singing Coach - Katie Webb

Combat Co-ordinator - Ross Brown

Set design & Stage Manager - 

Assistant Stage Manager -

Set Painting - 

Set Construction & Crew -

Costumes - Karen Smith, Kayleigh Rose and Margaret Ward

Make up - 

Properties - 

Lighting design -

Follow spots - 

Sound - 

Radio Microphones -

Pyrotechnics - 

Continuity - Maggie Allsop

Poster Design - Naomi Ashley-Smith

Programme Design  - Lucy Cragg

Publicity - Naomi Ashley-Smith and Lucy Cragg

Front of House - 

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