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Treasure Island

By Ted Hughes, adapted by Ross Brown

Young Jim Hawkins has dreams of becoming a pirate - he cannot believe his luck when not only new, female pirate Mary Read comes to town but when Captain Tempest invites him to join him on a search for burried treasure.

The story grew out of a map that led to imaginary treasure, devised during a holiday in Scotland by Stevenson and his nephew.

There have been four direct Treasure Island film adaptations over the years, including the Muppet version starring Tim Curry as Long John.


Rob Creer and Lucy Cragg


Jim - Rose Sumner

Mama Meg - Tim Ball

Mary Read - Lizzie Abbot-Davies

Captain Tempest - Ross Brown

Shot Putt - James Frost

Musket Ball - Paul Cragg

Sea Witch Sally - Jacqui Coventry

Lady Lotta Lolly - Kate Webb

Karen - Sammie Ball

Long John Silver - Rob Creer

Ben Gunn - Richard Forman

Chorus - Katrina Zalowoski, Abi Hurford, Liv Press, Sammy Mountford, Jade Mechin, Jessica Holden, Grace Morris, Molly Ward


Band - Cameron Hector and Jack Harris

Musical arrangements - Cameron Hector and Paul Cragg



Other cast (pre-rescheduled dates):

Tina and Pauly Milton, Lin Bowden, Ros Kent, Aaliyah Wilmott, Charlie Ashpole, Justin Copper-Fussell, Hattie Powell, James Murden 


Choreography - Lucy Cragg

Singing Coach - Lucy and Paul Cragg

Set design - Phil Lovell

Stage Manager - Kirk Bishop

Artisic and backcloths - Steve and Annette Crump, Will Wrighton, Phil Lovell

Set Construction & Crew - Phil Lovell, Will Wrighton, Kirk Bishop, Mike Knight, David and Jane Gale, Tim Bond, Rob Owen

Costumes - Karen Smith, Kayleigh Rose and Margaret Ward

Properties - Maggie Allsopp, Naomi Ashley-Smith, Rebecca Jones

Lighting design - Sam Walsh

Sound - Stephen Bashford and members

Radio Microphones -Martin Harper

Continuity - Sammie Ball

Poster Design - Rob Creer

Programme Design  - Kate Webb

Cast Photos - Grant McCotter

Publicity - Kate Webb and Laura Salt

Box office - David Lord and Rob Creer

Front of House - Laura Salt, Mags Bond and members

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