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Neville's Island


Neville's Island

By Tim Firth

Neville's Island is a fast-talking, fast action comedy telling the story of four middle aged businessmen, sent on a team building exercise in England's Lake District, who succeed in being the first people to find themselves shipwrecked inland!

"Neville's Island" was adapted into a film in 1998 starring Timothy Spall and Martin Clunes.


Rob Creer with Laura Wrighton



Gordon - Tim Ball

Neville - David Lord

Angus - Simon Ellis

Roy - James Frost


Voice of the DJ - James Murden

Denise from Highways - Katrina Zalokoski

Keswick District Council Finance Department - Members of Sodbury Players

Stage Manager - Mags Bond

Assistant Stage Manager - Phil Lovell

Prompt - Laura Wrighton

Set Crew & Build Team - Will Wrighton, Tim Bond, David Gale & Jane Gale

Blackcloth painting - Steve Crump & Annette Crump

Props - Debbie Bashford, Kat Zalokoski, Liv Press & Grace Morris

Sound - Stephen Bashford

Lighting - Rob Owen & Lizzie Abbot-Davies

Costumes - Melody Lewis & Lin Bowden

Publicity & programme - Lucy Cragg

Photography & poster design - Rob Creer

Box Office - Karen Smith

Front of House - Lucy Cragg, Maggie Allsopp

& members of Sodbury Player


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