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by Diane Owen

In this traditional pantomime version of the classic tale of the beautiful Snow White, we meet the folk of Chippingwelldone and the magical Fairy Sixpence who does her best to fulfill everyone’s wishes at the magical well. Snow White’s happy life with her loving father, King Well-to-Do, is threatened by the evil plans of her wicked step-mother, Queen Evilynn. Escaping from a murderous plot, Snow White meets the seven dwarfs, all with their own unique characters, who give her shelter. With the power of her magic mirror, the evil Queen discovers Snow White’s hiding place and plans to steal her beauty. Our hero Prince Galant, helped by all the dwarfs, rescue Snow White and in fine panto tradition all ends well!

it was the first full-length cel animated feature film and the earliest Disney animated feature film.

At the 11th Academy Awards, Walt Disney was awarded an honorary Oscar, and the film was nominated for Best Musical Score the year before.



Winner - 2013 Bristol Hippodrome Best Pantomime


Diane Owen & Ross Brown


Fairy Sixpence : Tina Stewart
Queen Evilynn : Michaela Sydney
Snow White : Francesca Hinton
Nurse Nettles : Pete Williamson
Muddles : James Murden
Prince Gallant : Lucy Childs
King Well-to-Do : Grant McCotter
Rip : Julian Hinton
Saw : Je-An Shields
Magic Mirror : Joe Moore

The Dwarfs -        Docman : Lin Bowden
Grumper : Maggie Allsopp
Happily : Charlotte Harris
Bashfully : Ben Lea
Sneezum : Rhiannon Williamson
Sleephead : Dan Williamson
Dop-ee : Katie Salt

                      Chorus -     Rose Eastment, Megan Harris,

Sammie Ball, Amy Basset, Ashley Russell, Molly Clements, Amber Sharpe, Sammie Mountford, Becky Harper, Kayleigh Rose, George Gerrard

The Band -   Callum Webb : MD and Keyboard
Paul Cragg : Keys
Nick Gill : Drums
Rich Painter : Guitar
Cameron Hector : Bass


Stage Manager : Rob Owen
Asst. Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Scenic Artist : Lorraine Badminton
Set Construction : Phil Lovell
Choreographer : Tina Stewart
Lights : Tim Hunter
Followspots : Alan Walker
Sound : Stephen Bashford
Radio Mics : Martin Harper & Adam Greenslade
Special Effects : Debbie Bashford
Costumes : Anna Walker, Jane Williamson & Jill Hughes
Make-Up : Roisin Cabry
Props : Tim Ball, Simon Carney, Alistair Hector & Kirsty Scott-Dyer
Prompt : Caron Hinton
Caller : Debbie Bashford
Box Office : Stephen Bashford
Front of House : Rob Creer & Melody Lewis assisted by members & SPYS

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