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by Ross Brown & James Murden

Filled with jealousy, the evil witch Maleficent curses Princess Aurora to die on her 16th birthday. Thanks to Aurora's guardian fairies, she only falls into a deep sleep that can be ended with a kiss from her betrothed, Prince Phillip. To prevent Phillip from rescuing Aurora, Maleficent kidnaps and imprisons him. The good fairies are the last hope to free Phillip so that he can awaken Aurora.

A classic fairy tale, also known as "Little Briar Rose" 

The version collected by the Brothers Grimm was an orally transmitted version of the original literary tale published by Charles Perrault in Histoires ou contes du temps passé in 1697.


Ross Brown & James Murden


Fairy Cakes: Diane Owen
Fairy Conomy: Sue Bridgeman
Fairy Nuff: Tina Stewart
Malevolent: Lucy Childs
Princess Chastity: Charlotte Harris
Prince Prince: Grant McCotter
Dave: Lin Bowden
Simple Simon: Julian Hinton
Dame Do-Little: Richard Cottle
King Charles: Andrew Stubbs
Queen Camilla: Michaela Sydney
Watchem: Nicky Shipton
Guardem: Ros Kent
Frank N. Stein: Tim Ball
Chorus: Rhea Brushini, Paul Cragg, Kayleigh Rose and Ellen Gallagher


Stage Manager : Will Wrighton
Stage Crew : Simon Carney & Rich Painter
Set Design : Lorraine Badminton
Lights : Tim Hunter
Radio Mics : Martin Harper & Adam Greenslade
Costumes : Anna Walker
Props : Simon Carnley
Box Office : Anna Walker
Front of House : Members of Sodbury Players

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