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by Michele L. Vacca

Produced by special arrangement of CLASSICS ON STAGE! of Chicago

When the woodworker Geppetto sees a falling star, he wishes that the puppet he just finished, Pinocchio, could become a real boy. In the night, the Blue Fairy grants Geppetto's wish and asks Jiminy Cricket to serve as the wooden boy's conscience. But the naive and trusting Pinocchio falls into the clutches of the wicked Honest John, who leads him astray to the sinful Pleasure Island.

Pinocchio was translated into English in 1904 by Walter S. Cramp.


Lin Bowden


Pinocchio (Geppetto's puppet) : George Ball 
Geppetto (Kindly old woodcarver) : Tim Ball 
Master Cherry (Geppetto's friend) : Simon Carney 
Blue Fairy (Godmother of all puppets) : Rose Eastment 
Harlequin (puppet) : Sammie Ball 
Columbine (puppet) : Sammy Mountford 
Fire Eater (Showman) : Alastair Hector 
The Fox (Sandor's Swindle - Glib but unsuccessful crook) : Lizzie Cox 
The Cat (Sidney - Fox's not very bright sidekick) : Megan Harris 
Candlewick (bad boy) : Ross Arnott 
Barker at Puppet Show (greedy stupid man) : Maria Mallon
Coachman (Nasty childcatcher) : Simon Carney 
Talking Cricket (Pinocchio's friend/conscience) : Molly Clements

Geppetto's Neighbours and Fellow Tradespeople
Angelina (Bookseller) : Kirsty Scott-Dyer 
Bernardo (Baker) : George Gerrard 
Serafina (Flower seller) : Ashley Russell 
Giovanni (Candlemaker) : Lee Carter 
Portia (Pizza maker) : Amber Sharpe 
Vittore (Tailor and used clothes dealer) : Jack Harris 
Luigi (sailor) : Daniel Harvey 
Lorenzo (sailor) : Rhys Jenkins

Other Puppets in the Puppet Theatre Performance

Pietra (puppet) : Rosie Riley 
Pietro (puppet) : Lee Carter 
Romano (puppet) : Sophie Reynolds 
Julietta (puppet) : Lily Cocking 
Pantalone (puppet) : Amy Bassett 
Mirandolina (puppet) : Amber Godwin

Children of the Town 
Gina : Amber Godwin 
Sofia : Vicki Bond 
Francesca : Emily Perry 
Guido : Rosie Riley 
Mario : Sophie Reynolds 
Santino : Abbie Merritt 


Stage Manager : 
Music : 
Programmes & Raffle Tickets : Lorraine Badminton & Debbie Bashford
Ticket Sales : Lin Bowden (Players) & Richard Kingscot (FOSC)
On the Gate : Members of Sodbury Players

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