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by Alan Parker

Unusual spoof of old gangster movies in which a cast made up entirely of children sings and dances its way around Prohibition-era sets, substituting toy guns and whipped cream for machine guns and bullets.

Bugsy Malone is a 1976 American-British 

musical gangster comedy film, directed by Alan Parker and featuring only child actors.

The film garnered 15 award nominations, including "Best Motion Picture (Musical/Comedy)", "Best Original Score" and "Best Original Song" (for the title track) from the Golden Globes.


Ross Brown


Bugsy Malone : Ross Arnott
Blousey Brown : Hannah Brownlie
Fat Sam : Dan Williamson
Talulah : Amy Bassett
Fizzy : Rhys Jenkins
Dandy Dan : Daniel Harvey
Knuckles : George Ball
Ritzy/Joe : Shauna Piekielniak
Angelo/ Seymour Scoop : Vicky Bond
Snake Eyes : Faith Ball
Louis/Singer : Amber Sharpe
Tilly/Reporter/Marbini : Rhiannon
Dotty/Waitress : Maria Hill
Bangles/Shady : Amber Langley
Loretta/Reporter/Lena Morelli : Rosie Riley
Velma/Reporter : Emily Jones
Smolsky/Doodle : Abbie Merritt
O’Dreary : Ashley Russell
Leroy/Oscar De'Velt : Jack
Cagey Joe/Pop Becker/Butler : Oliver Walker
Roxy Robinson/Pickett : Hannah Morgan
Bronx Charlie/Ventriloquist : Alistair Hector
Benny Lee/Violinist/Dummy : Josh Wrighton
Laughing Boy/ Down and Out/Boxer : Lauren Soper
Yonkers : Amber Godwin
Barber/Radio Announcer/Looney Bergonzi : Lily Cocking
Paper boy/Babyface : Dan Gregor
Flash Frankie/Louella : Emily Perry
Guard/Down and Out/Customer : Milo Cridge


Stage Manager : Rob Owen
Set Construction : Phil Lovell, Rob Owen
Stage Team : Mark Crumpton, Simon Carney, Tim Ball, Pauly Milton
Musical Director : Katie Salt
Music : Callum Webb, Paul Cragg & Beckly Harper
Choreography : Lucy Childs
Lights : Tim Hunter
Sound : Kirk Clifford
Properties : Ross Brown
Costumes : Kayleigh Rose, Caitlin Clark & Jane Williamson
Box Office : Stephen Bashford
Front of House : Maggie Allsopp & members of Sodbury Players

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