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by Diane Owen & Ross Brown

In this panto version of the famous story of Mother Goose, we find ourselves in a very happy place, aptly named “Jollyland”, and home of the famously kind and lovable Mother Goose. However, trouble is at hand in the guise of the evil Lord Voldor, whose chief aim is to ensure happiness is destroyed forever.

Tempting Mother Goose with riches and beauty, Mother Goose is led astray. On her adventures she meets singing fish and of course the lovable Priscilla the Goose but is taken prisoner by the evil Lord Voldor and his inept robot side-kick Datum.  With the help of Fairy Starlight, the friends of Mother Goose, including the lovable Duke Jolly, scatty Miss Sparks, cheerful Charlie and our hero and heroine Jack and Polly, come to her rescue. In true panto style, all ends well!  

The story of Mother Goose is possibly the oldest story to be turned into a pantomime. It dates back to an ancient Greek legend about a goose that laid golden eggs.

The figure of Mother Goose is the imaginary author of a collection of fairy tales and nursery rhymes often published as Old Mother Goose's Rhymes, as illustrated by Arthur Rackham in 1913.



Nominated - Chris Harris Award for Best Variety/Revue/Pantomime


Diane Owen


Lord Voldor (an evil alien) : James Murden
Datum (Lord Voldor's robotic assistant) : Joe Moore
Fairy Starlight (a good fairy with real star-quality) : Lucy Cragg
Jack (son of Mother Goose and in search of love) : Hannah Brownlie
Polly (a new student - in search of stardom & love) : Kate Salt
Charlie (likeable Irish chap also in search of his dream) : Julian Hinton
Mother Goose (the dame - ugly but lovable) : Pete Williamson
Duke of Jollywood (Polly's father - a jolly old soul) : Tim Ball
Miss Sparks (assistant to Mother Goose who lives up to her name) : Tina Stewart
Priscilla the Goose : Lin Bowden
Fish-Folk (inhabitants of the pool of beauty):
Mermaid : Tracey Ball
Squid : Kieran Cambridge
Prawn : George Ball
Tuna : Lizzie Abbot-Davies
Cod : Ross Arnott
Jellyfish : Sammy Mountford
Shark : Rhys Jenkins 
Dancers : Dan Williamson, Rhiannon Williamson, Faith Ball, Shauna Piekelniak
Chorus of dancers, academy students, spa girls, show girls, inhabitants of the Planet of the Geese : Amy Bassett, Amber Langley, Holly Pine, Sammy Mountford, Jess Jones, Lily Cocking, Kieran Cambridge, Ross Arnott


Stage Manager : 
Asst. Stage Manager : 
Stage Crew : Will Wrighton, Simon Carney, Paul Rotton, Kirk Clifford, Mark Crumpton, Debbie Bashford, Daniel Harvey, Phil Lovell
Scenic Design : Lorraine Badminton
Set Painters : Loraine Badminton, Caitlin Clarke, Craig Earby
Orchestra : Callum Webb, Nick Gill, Paul Cragg, Jack Harris, Neil Berry
Choreographer : Lucy Cragg
Singing Coach : Kate Salt
Lights : Rob Owen, Daniel Harvey
Follow Spots : 
Sound : Stephen Bashford & Grant McCotter
Radio Microphones : Martin Harper & Adam Greenslade
Pyrotechnics : Debbie Bashford
Costumes : Lin Bowden, Jane Williamson, Pete Williamson, Kayleigh Rose, Roisin Cabry, Karen Smith, Becky Sawicki-Gregg, Rachek Gossam, Sarah Locke, Victoria Ainley
Make-Up : Charlotte Harris
Props : Maggie Allsopp, Sarah Dixon & Sarah Savage
Prompt : Kayleigh Rose
Box Office : Stephen Bashford 
Front of House : James Murden, Ross Brown with members of Sodbury Players & SPYS

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