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by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey 

Experience the friendships, romances and adventures of a group of high school kids in the 1950s. Welcome to the singing and dancing world of "Grease," the most successful movie musical of all time. A wholesome exchange student  and a leather-clad Danny have a summer romance, but will it cross clique lines?

Grease was originally released to North American theaters on June 16, 1978 and was an immediate box office success.

Grease was first performed in 1971 in the original Kingston Mines nightclub in Chicago.


Ross Brown


Danny Zuko - Milo Cridge
Sandy Dumbrowski - Amber Langley
Betty Rizzo - Hannah Brownlie
Kenickie - Ross Arnott
Sonny Latierri - Dan Williamson
Doody - Tom Hodges
Roger - Ollie Walker
Frenchy - Vicki Bond
Marty - Rosie Riley
Jan - Rhiannon Williamson
Eugene Florczyk - Daniel Harvey
Patty Simcox - Amy Bassett
Vince Fortaine - George Ball
Cha-Cha Digregorio - Emily Jones
Johnny Casino - Josh Wrighton
Miss Lynch - Lauren Soper
Teen Angel - Rhys Jenkins

Faith Ball, Ashley Russell, Emily Jones, Niamh Jenkins
Lily Cocking, Megan Harris, Dan Gregor, Amber Godwin, Amber Sharpe, Maria Hill
Amber Godwin, Dan Gregor and Amber Sharpe


Choreographer: Lucy Childs
Musical Director: Kayleigh Rose
Character Coach: Julian Hinton
The Band: Paul Cragg, Callum Webb, Jack Harris, Rich Lawrence and Becky Harper
Stage Manager: Kirk Clifford
Asst. Stage Manager: Will Wrighton
Stage Crew: Mark Crumpton, Simon Carney, Pauly Milton, Tim Ball
Set Design : Caitlin Clarke
Set Construction : Rob Owen, Caitlin Clarke, Ross Brown, Lucy Childs and others
Lights : Rob Owen
Follow Spot: Joe Moore
Sound : Pete Williamson
Radio Microphones : Martin Harper & Adam Greenslade
Costumes : Kayleigh Rose assisted by Emily Perry, Jane Williamson, Lin Bowden and Karen Smith
Make-Up : Roisin Cadbry and Emily Ball
Props : Sammy Mountford, Alistair Hector and Fran Hinton
Prompt : Sammie Ball
Poster Design : Ross Brown
Programme Design : Rob Creer
Publicity : Kayleigh Rose
Box Office : Sarah Dixon
Front of House : Maggie Allsopp, Lin Bowden and members of Sodbury Players

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