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Jack & the Beanstalk

By Tina Milton & Diane Owen



A GIANT of a pantomime for 2019!

In a bid to make money to pay the ever increasing taxes, Dame Trotters insists her dreamy son Jack sell their beloved cow Patricia. Unfortunately, witch Poison Ivy tricks Jack into selling the cow to her giving him a bag of beans and then proceeds to kidnap the Lord Dick of Wick's daughter Lady Coralenianna.

When a magical beanstalk grows, Jack takes charge in a rescue mission and plans to rid the town of the giant and the witch with the help of his brother Dopey Del, his mum Dame Trotters and other friends as well as the magical Fairy Flower Power.





Tina Milton, assisted by Diane Owen



Poison Ivy - Kate Webb

Fairy Flower Power - Rose Sumner

Idle Jack - Lucy Cragg

Lady Coralenianna - Kayleigh Rose

Birtha - Lin Bowden

Dame Trotters - Christian Taylor

Dopey Del - James Murden

Councillor RG - Simon Carney

Lord Wick - Pauly Milton

Wilma - Andrea Robertson

Patricia the Cow - Sammy Mountford & Mags Bond Giant Blunderthor- Stan Ward

Chef 1 - Olly Brooks

Chef 2 - Samuel Grashoff

Harpo - David Lord

Jade Meachin, Immie Hutchins, Hattie Powell & Aaliyah Wilmott


Sue Bridgeman, Olivia Press & Sammie Ball


Additional villagers and chorus

Charlie Ashpole, Josh Milton, Charlotte Murden, Liam Palmer & Isabelle Prested


The Band

Keyboards - Paul Cragg

Guitar - Cameron Hector

Bass Guitar - Callum Webb

Drums - Beth Goodchild

Written, Produced & Directed by Tina Milton

assisted by Diane Owen

Dance Captain & Choreography - Jade Meachin

Singing Coach - Kate Webb

Set design & Stage Manager - Rob Owen

Assistant Stage Manager - Will Wrighton

Set Painting - Gary Iles, Len Daverson, Tina Milton & Rob Owen

Set Construction & Crew - Phil Lovell, Mike Knight Kirk Clifford, Paul Rotten & Mark Crumpton

Costumes - Kayleigh Rose & Karen Smith assisted by Lin Bowden, Margaret Ward, Sarah Locke & Bethan Earl

Make up - Charlotte Murden

Properties - Maggie Allsop & Ryan Carroll with Laura Salt, Grace Morris, Ross Brown and Jake Palmer

Lighting design -Tom Boase

Follow spots - Sam Walsh, Stephen Bashford & Tim Ball

Sound - Stephen Bashford & Attie Grande

Radio Microphones - Adam Greenslade & Martin Harper Pyrotechnics - Debbie Bashford & Naomi Ashley-Smith

Continuity - Diane Owen

Poster, Programme Design & Photography - Rob Creer

Publicity - Ross Arnott & Lucy Cragg

Front of House - Stan Ward & Members of Sodbury Players

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