Rumours v1 poster_edited.jpg


By Neil Simon

Ken and Chris have found their host Charley, a prominent Government official, in his bedroom, too dazed to speak, with a bullet wound in his ear lobe! Len and Claire arrive, themselves injured in a car crash, and are soon joined by Ernest and Cookie, Glenn and Cassie, each with their own problems...

"Rumors" (US version) premiered at the Old Globe Theatre (San Diego, California) on September 22, 1988

Neil Simon wrote more than 30 plays and nearly the same number of movie screenplays. He received more combined Oscar and Tony nominations than any other writer.


Maggie Allsop with Ros Kent



Ken : Simon Carney

Len : Steve Crump

Ernest: Richard Forman

Glenn : Ross Arnott

Chris : Nicky Shipton

Claire : Roisin Hall

Cookie : Tracey Ball

Cassie : Jade Mechin

PC Conkin : Paul Cragg

PC Casey : Sammy Mountford

Prompt : Annette Crump

Stage Management and set design: Rob Creer and Will Wrighton

Construction: Phil Lovell, Michael Knight, Rob Creer Will Wrighton and Rob Owen.

Wallpapering: Jim Salt

Properties: Laura Salt and Tina Milton

Lighting and Sound: Sam Walsh

Front of House: Diane Owen and members of Sodbury Players

Costumes: Karen Smith

Poster and Programme: Lucy Cragg