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by Richard Curtis

When their elderly vicar passes away, congregation members in Dibley are surprised to find that a woman has been assigned to their parish. And not just any woman -- Geraldine Granger is outgoing, vivacious and fun-loving, as well as caring and committed to her flock. However, her ebullient ways do not initially endear her to the head of the Parish Council, an old-fashioned gentleman farmer who's not a fan of change. Hilarity ensues as Geraldine tries to win over the stodgy council members while staying true to herself and her pastorate.

Originally ran on 

BBC One from

10 November 1994 to 22 January 1998

The programme is among the most successful in the digital era


Lin Bowden & James Murden


Geraldine Granger - Tracey Ball
Alice Tinker - Kayleigh Rose
David Horton - Tim Ball
Hugo Horton - Paul Cragg
Owen Newitt - Ross Andrews
Frank Pickle - Andrew Stubbs
Jim Trott - Julian Hinton
Letitia Cropley - Ros Kent
Tristan - Richard Cottle
Ruth - Jacqui Coventry
Cecil - Pauly Milton
Congregation & Choir - Wendy Whittle, Roisin Cabry,

Lucy Childs, Maggie Allsopp, Joe Moore,

Callum Webb, Nicky Shipton,

Naomi Ashley-Smith,

Sammy Mountford, Samuel Grashoff,

Sarah Dixon & Katie Scott-Dyer


Stage Managers - Rob Owen and Will Wrighton
Asst. Stage Manager - Phil Lovell
Set Design - Caitlin Clarke
Set Construction - Rob Owen and the usual suspects
Lights - Tim Hunter
Sound - Stephen Bashford
Costumes - Jane Williamson
Props - Diane Owen, Debbie Bashford and Maggie Allsopp
Make-Up - Roisin Cabry
Prompt - Becky Sawicki-Gregg
Poster Design - Gary Blackman
Programme Design - Rob Creer
Publicity - Kayleigh Rose
Box Office - Sarah Dixon
Front of House - Pete Williamson and Jane Williamson assisted by members of Sodbury Players & SPYS

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